2019 Summer Fast Track Promotion

Reach 20,000 units Monthly

"True Health" is the lifestyle we should seek in this 21st century. A business program that allows infinite diversity and flexibility. Overcoming various barriers and boundaries, it is a human-centered technology nurtured by close communication between people. Experience and discover your own style of Enagic business. Then the circle of "Compassion" will ripple throughout the globe once, now, and forever.

2019 Summer Fast Track Promotion

For three and a half months, it's YOUR chance to increase YOUR reward from Enagic for spreading the Message of True Health.

KANGEN can also mean a REWARD right back to you so take advantage.

For all your sales throughout the campaign period ( 6/21/2019 - 9/30/2019 ), you’ll receive a POINT count for each individual sale. Accumulate enough POINTS to be converted to actual MONEY payable to YOU!


JUNE 21 – SEPTEMBER 30, 2019

100 POINTS →   US$100
150 POINTS →   US$500
100 PTS AFTER 150
→   US$300

The Enroller is qualified to receive points, even if he/she is a Tokurei.

Anespa and Ukon DD purchased with E8PA member prices can also earn you points.

Earn points from personal purchases under yourself.

Tokurei orders do not count.

Cancellations do not count.

Applies ONLY to single payment sales.

Rewards will be paid by Enagic one month after the promotion date ends.

E8PA Black card 80 pts
E8PA Platinum card 60 pts
E8PA Gold card 40 pts
E8PA Silver card 20 pts
E8PA Bronze card 10 pts
E8PA Crystal card 5 pts
K8 50 pts
Super 501 60 pts
SD501 40 pts
SD501 Platinum 43 pts
Anespa DX 24 pts
JrII 24 pts
Leveluk R 20pts
Ukon Sigma 20 pts
Ukon DD 10pts
Ukon DD Repeat 15 pts

Contests are subjected to change.

For more information, please contact your corresponding branch.